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  • Savior


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    Abducted by aliens in the middle of the night, then dumped on a foreign planet in nothing but my flimsy nightclothes.
    Any number of predators could have eaten me.
    Well, as it turns out, I was—eaten, I mean—by a hulking alien who really knew what he was doing when it came to pleasing human women.

    Is he my protector or my captor?
    And what happened to the other women I was abducted with?
    Something must be seriously wrong with me because I want to ask for his help to find the other women, but even with our language barrier, I find my thoughts drifting. And the way he touches me tells me his thoughts are anything but pure.

    I must be crazy. There are dangers on this planet he’s only hinted at, a reason I’m here I don’t know, and yet when I’m with my alien savior, all I can think is when he touches me, I really, really, like it.

  • Rescuer


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    I’ve been abducted, torn from my home, experimented on, then left stranded on a strange planet.

    The other girls who were abducted with me are out there somewhere, and I need to navigate an unfamiliar landscape to find them, while fighting for survival. Easy, right?

    Things are complicated further when I find an alien.
    Or more to the point, he finds me.

    He won’t leave me alone, no matter what I do. And, as we spend more time together, the way I’m drawn to him defies reason and logic—he’s protective and caring in a way I crave.

    But then a contradicting side of him emerges—a wild beast driven by primal instincts, savage and unpredictable.

    And I wonder if I’m safer without him.

    As the line between survival and desire blurs, it becomes undeniably clear that there are few things more distracting than a sexy alien determined to keep me happy.

    I must be crazy. The way he looks at and touches me should be terrifying, but instead I really, really like it.

  • Redeemer


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    Stuck on an alien planet with no means of escape. I can’t say I’ve been in worse situations.

    It’s my nature to try to look on the bright side and remain positive in the face of adversity. Even when everything seems to be going completely crazy.

    My resolve is tested when I’m taken by an alien who looks like a demon.

    He’s primal and aggressive – but when my life is in danger, he surges to my rescue.

    I get small glimpses that there’s something more to him, convincing me he’s simply a wounded animal unsure how to respond to kindness.

    He’s keeping things from me, not only why I’m on this planet, but also about himself.

    Is he a victim too?

    With all of this to consider, why is it that when I try to think of ways to thank him for helping me, my mind only goes in one direction?
    I’m inexperienced and feel it’s wrong to have these indecent thoughts.

    As desire heaves through me, I wonder, does he want to give into it like I do?

  • Redeemer


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    Being abducted by aliens whose sole intention is to use me for breeding is not how I saw this year panning out.

    Add to that a different species of alien helping me escape, it couldn’t get any stranger.

    I had to put all my trust in Sahcor, the alien who helped me flee. The only problem is, as we spend more time together, our mutual attraction can’t be ignored. My alien savior, who seems intent on pleasing me in every way, is a distraction I am losing my will to fight.

    When I finally give in to my desires, I forget everything else outside of his wandering webbed hands.

    But my original captors are still hunting me and are desperate for my recapture.
    I keep my distance from the other women who were abducted alongside me, fearing being near them puts them in certain danger.

    I’d rather face this world alone than threaten their safety.
    But am I also risking my alien savior’s safety when I may not even be able to save myself?

    If this planet is to be my new home, I want to make a life with Sahcor.
    But will we forever be on the run from an enemy that will never stop searching for me?

  • Releaser


    Where am I?
    What happened?
    Those are the questions I asked myself as I awoke from cryogenic sleep, only to learn I’d been held prisoner for almost a decade.

    The aliens who had abducted me from my home on Earth had kept me frozen in time until they needed me--or more specifically, until they needed my body.
    But I’m not the only one who was abducted.
    One of the other girls held captive with us keeps telling me fantasies of being rescued by another alien race – the Synths. She promises me it’s true, but I can’t bring myself to believe her.

    When two of them show up at the bars of our cell, I don’t know what to make of them. Are they friend or foe? Why do they want to help us?

    All I know is that I can’t take my eyes from him.

    His sandy-toned skin is dappled white, and I find myself wondering how it would feel to touch it.

    Our connection instant. It sears into my mind further when he reaches through the bars and touches my cheek, apparently as smitten with me as I am with him.

    But I’m a prisoner here.

    He says he’ll come back for me, and he promises me a future with him.

    I’m torn with wanting him to return and wanting him to stay away. My captors are dangerous and won’t let me and the others go easily. Every second my newfound Synth friend spends trying to rescue me puts him in danger, and I’m not sure my freedom is worth his life.

    When my worst fears are realized and he’s captured too, any hope I had of a future outside of captivity disappears.But I can’t give up hope and simply wait for my captors to kill me with their vile experiments. I need to find a way out of this mess, before it’s too late for both of us.