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  • The Guardian of Anahera

    The Guardian of Anahera

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    There's nothing deadlier than a Guardian gone rogue.

    Once meant to protect mankind, the Tenebrian uses his destructive powers over human fear and pain to feed his own sadistic desires. But another has been called forth to stop him. One determined to vanquish the growing threat before the suffering worsens.

    Kyle has much to learn about the new realm he finds himself in, and how to stop Tenebrian’s reign of cruelty. Yet his driving motivations shift when he meets... her.

    Anahera. The intriguing human who will teach Kyle the true value of humanity, and love. With her tangled up in the battle between good and evil, and Kyle’s mission quickly unravelling, he finds himself facing the crushing choice between love... and sacrifice.

  • The Guardian's Son

    The Guardian's Son

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    The Guardians of Angels and Fire Series continues with Book 2.

    Now in Lucidis, Ana must learn to fit into a world where she feels she doesn’t belong.

    Will the price of salvation be her humanity?

    Battling with his own calling as a Guardian, Samael sees the changes occurring in himself and Ana and fears what it signifies. He isn’t alone in his concerns. Cael, too, has noticed the immeasurable strength and the power lurking within her, which she can’t seem to control. With each day that passes, she becomes more of a threat to herself and others.

    When the Tenebrian Guardians launch an attack to create chaos on Earth, it falls to Cael to keep Ana and Samael safe. But how can he protect them when it’s their inherent human nature that puts them at risk?

  • War of the Guardians

    War of the Guardians

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    Book 3 in the Guardians of Angels and Fire Series brings an apocalyptic battle.

    Is a world plagued by Tenebrians worth saving?

    Earth is crumbling to pieces, the planet itself becoming unstable due to the Balance shifts. Mankind is being tormented by incessant earthquakes, violent cracks in the Earth’s crust, and the collapse of homes and buildings. While the Lucidians are working tirelessly to protect humans, the roaming Tenebrians are gleefully reveling in the chaos.

    There may be a way to restore the Balance, but can they bring the shattered remains of the realms back together? While Samael and Cael grapple with the pieces of their lives, Ana struggles to understand risking everything for a world that seems lost to the grips of violence.

    Can love be found at the end of the world?