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  • The Demon in Me - An Unearthly Sins Novel

    The Demon in Me

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    What do you do when you leave hell and plan on living it up on earth? Obviously, you embrace it and become the absolute poster child of a rich bachelor-penthouse apartment, partying, womanizing.

    Having worked myself to a position where money is no longer a concern, I unleash my inner demon by indulging in every earthly delight.

    That was until she came into my life.

    Charlotte is beautiful, but that isn’t what draws me to her. Something about her is a compulsion I can’t resist, a stimulant that awakens the demon within.

    Seeing the darkness behind my eyes, Charlotte doesn’t run but instead presses to know more. She can play all my games, but I know she aches for my touch. She resists the attraction out of fear of losing her job, her reputation, and herself to this mysterious allure that draws us together.

    Then there is that ever-present intrigue lingering under her skin. A buried truth I’m sure I can solve if I can have her with me.

    Under me.

    So, what’s a demon to do?

  • The Angel in Her

    The Angel in Her

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    Her name is Evie, and believe me, the connotations of that name aren’t lost on me.

    Before we met, I saw her naked.
    I didn’t mean to.
    I was simply trying to check on her as I had with many others in the city.

    Yes, I should’ve looked away and not studied the scars that riddled her body. I shouldn’t have wanted to touch her as much as I did, nor to have my legs weaken when I was faced with that choice.
    And I definitely shouldn’t have taken out my rage on the man that hurt her.

    There are a lot of things I should’ve done differently.

    Do not kill.
    Do not give in to earthly temptations.
    None of it was easy with her, and I’d break all the rules if it meant I could touch her again.

    I was supposed to be rescuing her, caring for her, and showing her the way to a better life. Not thinking about how soft her skin was or how she’d feel under my fingers, my tongue.
    How she’d taste...

    These were dangerous thoughts for a man to have.
    These thoughts were even more dangerous for an angel to have.

    I am Zaqiel, and if I am to fall, it will be because of her.

  • Lure of a Demon

    Lure of a Demon

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    I’ve been with bad girls before, but this is a whole new level of messed up, even for me.

    Because she’s a demon.
    As in, one of Satan’s minions, demon.
    Try as I might, I can’t seem to fight the attraction I have for her, even though I know what she truly is. And apparently, she can see right through me and uses my conflicting feelings to tease and torture me with my own lust.

    Then when I think of getting her under me, I don’t know if I want to strangle or kiss her.
    Perhaps both.
    Even in a do-or-die situation, she treats the world as her own personal amusement park. Life is her own twisted game, one I am now caught up in.

    So, how did I go from wanting to destroy her to needing to protect her?
    And how do I keep myself safe when, because of her, I’m in the firing line too?

    They say lust is one of the seven deadly sins. I should be strong enough to resist her.

    But somehow, she uses this sin against me. And the control I’ve trained so hard to maintain comes apart with one simple press of her body against mine.
    Even if I burn in Hell for my desire, at least I know she’ll still be there.

  • Dark Angel - An Unearthly Sins Novel

    Dark Angel

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    When I fell, that was it.

    Letting the anger consume me, I could only hope it would suffocate and eventually kill the pain that lived underneath my skin.
    I did whatever I wanted without boundaries or second-guessing.

    When I saw someone I wanted, I took them.
    And Cara, I wanted her.

    She looks at me as though she’s hoping to find some kindness behind my dark eyes. She won’t. There’s nothing good left in me.

    I was an angel, and now I’m one of the fallen.

    This isn’t a love story.
    I don’t have it in me to love.

    Not anymore.

  • Touch of a Demon - An Unearthly Sins Novel

    Touch of a Demon

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    If you ever came across a demon, I doubt you would think they were capable of feeling guilt.

    Neither did I until her.

    While she gets closer to me every day, every moment we see each other sparks something between us I had hoped not to experience with a human. I must hide from her.

    Because beyond my true nature, I know a secret that would destroy her. Everything she thought she knew was a lie, but who am I to shatter the illusion of the life she had created? 

    If I wanted to be with her, really with her, I’d have to tell her the truth.

    Either my guilt eats me alive, or she turns to hate me, and I don’t think I can stand the idea of not having her body under mine again.

    Neither of my choices is particularly appealing.
    Guilt is a heavy burden, but what if the truth is heavier? 

    I am Cade, and I am a different being than I was before I came to Earth and met her. A demon hiding in human skin. But existence would have been less painful if I didn’t know what I had to lose.

  • The Demon in Him - An Unearthly Sins Novel

    The Demon in Him

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    Demons come to Earth for fun, but I came here because I knew something was wrong with me. 

    The instinctual craving for violence felt separate from how I see myself, and I hated it. 
    No matter how much I fought the instinct, it was always there, clawing at me from the inside and reminding me of its presence. 
    My demon was demanding to be satiated. 

    I wanted to escape, and when I fell for and bonded with a human, he turned out not to be who I thought he was. 

    Although part of me believes it was I who corrupted him. 

    I couldn’t allow myself to feel those things again. 
    But Jacob draws me in, and I ache to touch and care for him with a part of me I long thought I had under control. 

    My demon craves to possess, protect, and dominate. 
    I thought I was past all that. 

    In running from myself, I created a past I can’t escape, and now I’ve put Jacob in danger. 

    And when my past lover catches up with me, it’ll be his life or mine.